Opinion: Dinner Table Conversations


Who will end the violence first? Will the agents of the state lay down their arms and refuse the immoral orders of their paymasters? Will people realize that murder does not solve the issue, and only serves to increase the disconnection between the enforcer class and the proletariat?

Every time an agent of the state harasses, murders, rapes, brutalizes, extorts, kidnaps, commits or helps assist with democide and lies (in a supposedly impartial court of law) it serves only to drive a wedge deeper between those that want accountability and protection and those that want obedience and compliance.

I fear the day is fast approaching when these types of actions will become commonplace. Open hostilities between those that will no longer be subjugated, and those who refuse to relinquish their arbitrary and illegitimate authority, will one day be an everyday occurrence. Anyone who is paying attention can see it ramping up with millions of dollars in military hardware being given to towns and municipalities across this “country.” As the federal government simultaneously moves to prevent the individual from effectively protecting themselves in their own perceived and necessary fashion.

When my daughters fear to go to school, not because of a bully or a bad neighborhood, but because they know and see that their teacher is one of those illegitimate authorities, will they be ostracized by their peers? Will my daughters be charged as terrorists for refusing to say a pledge of allegiance? Will their mother be taken away from them for choosing how to educate them?

For those of you who still believe might makes right, and that laws (arbitrary edicts) passed down by individuals living thousands of miles away from you are legitimate, bear in mind that for you to understand this you will have to glimpse the gun in the room with your own eyes. You will have to experience CPS kidnapping your children. You will have to experience police brutality first hand. You will need to have a loved one extorted. I am torn between my fear and love for you, dear reader, and my hope that you will understand my message. Will you question your own beliefs? Will you strive to better yourself? I hope so.

These questions and more should be topics at every American dinner table.