LEO Website Attacks Man For Recording Border Patrol Stop, Having Rights Violated

A website for cops and other Law Enforcement Officers called leoaffairs.com went on the attack against an American who decided to record an unconstitutional stop, harassment and search of his body and vehicle.  The article titled “Anti-cop man goes for youtube fame, embarrasses self, traumatizes child” is causing a backlash from readers who are calling the cops out on their violations of the man’s rights”

In what seems to be an attempt to gain fame amongst certain anti-LEO groups, a man (with very dark circles around his eyes) intentionally staged a confrontation with Border Patrol agents at a checkpoint inside the US. It appears his goal was to antagonize the officers and capture their responses on video. Well, he got the video, but the tape only shows the man, whose Youtube account is under the name Rick Herbert, putting his family through a lot of grief for no reason.

Highlighting the “dark circles under his eyes” and pursuing ad-hominem attacks, the author or authors of the article incredible blame the victim for the fact that he was attacked by the cops and dragged out of his vehicle!

You can watch the traffic stop and the blatant violation of the man’s rights below.

Comments on the site show the outrage of the complete lack of respect for our rights.  One commenter states:

Fuck you. you know what is right and wrong and that the man was clearly in his constitutional rights which were completely ignored. There’s a reason why the general public is distrustful of law enforcement and very paranoid. this land was once great but now its WWII nazi germany all over.

Another reader points out the blatant violation of the man’s 4th amendment rights:

This video clearly demonstrates a violation of this man’s 4th amendment rights under the Constitution. Whoever posted this is a licker of the boots of this Nazi, Gestapo action.

The article on LEOAffairs.com is a clear window into the mentality of cops in today’s America: complete lack of respect for their own oath, our constitutional rights and lack of concern for when those rights are violated.  Worse yet, they almost never pay a price for violating these rights.

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