Path of a free stater Pt. 2

Path of a free stater Pt. 2

Free_State_Project_Logo.svgBy Ken Ottinger

I awoke on an air mattress laid out by my hosts. The smell of eggs, and corned beef filled the air. As the brown liquid of activity swam down my throat I contemplated the actions we were to take today. wondering if anyone would get hurt, murdered, or arrested.

We were planning a dangerous task. confronting the Goliath known as Walmart on their front door.First we needed to prep. Cameras? Check. extra batteries? Check. Warming layers? check. CopBlock swag? Check. let’s roll!

As we all climbed into the Mean Green Machine, a sort of calm took over me. a focus that I have not yet mastered. I knew our purpose, I knew our mission, but I knew not the methods  to be utilized, nor the reactions of those in gen pop. All my fears seemed irrelevant once we hit the highway headed towards Beavercreek Ohio.

There was snow on the roadways, and mother nature saw fit to add more. This deterred our driver not in the least. we were doing upwards of 75 miles an hour,  not the safest method of getting to a gathering  of the minds, but an effective one. As we dipped, dodged, ducked, dove, and dodged between traffic, rolling over ice and snow piles my apprehension grew. The Mean Green Machine, to a witeless by standard,  would seem to be hurtling down the Thruway out of control, skimming from sheet of ice to sheet of ice, barely making contact with its four wheel drive. But, my fear, as usually is the case, was for naught. we arrived in Beavercreek safely and on time.

As we checked into the hotel, (a two bed unit as I was rather unexpected) and got ourselves situated, we made contact with our fellow anarchists and activists. Most of whom were local.

A brief trip to a local shopping mart was all that was required for the ammunition we needed. The mind bullets that we would fire at passerbys, and cop suckers  alike, would be quick and deadly to the illusion of the state. My colorful signs all dressed up in blue, green, red, yellow and black, would be my only protection from the various mechinations of those authoritarian sociopaths who wished to uphold the arbitrary edicts of men I had never met. Unlike so many others with us I was not carrying a firearm. A mistake I thankfully did not have to pay for.

As we pulled into the parking lot of the Beaver Creek Walmart, the  fateful place,where on August 5th, 2014, John Crawford III, loving father and devoted partner, was gunned down by Beavercreek L.E.O. Sean Williams while shopping, at the behest of two terrified shoppers, April and Ronald Ritchie of Riverside. Who claim to have seen John walking down the aisle with the toy gun pointed at the ceiling. Which, in my mind does not equate to a evil scary terrorist, or a deranged gunman, but merely an individual ignorant of proper weapons handling. Which is understandable considering it was a toy that he was planning on purchasing. There were few activists to be seen. Likely awaiting others of their rare breed, to show up in solidarity  

There was a chill air on the wind, and a fire in the hearts and minds of those gathered that day. As more and more individuals crossed the berm to join us in our vigil, some had masks, some had rifles, and some were wheelchair bound. I myself wore my Go AWOL tshirt and carried a sign made out of corrugated plastic.

As is the usual case with municipalities that claim ownership over the bodies and property of the tax cows living within their gangland, the area in which we intended to stand had not been plowed nor shoveled. I took it upon myself to purchase a shovel, and gloves from the Walmart that we were standing against. There were no incidences nor disturbances while I was in the store. I paid for my purchase and left. Despite my attire. In fact when questioned by me the employees lied and claimed not to have shovels or gloves.  

As I rejoined my compatriots, I noticed another individual had also brought a shovel and we made quick work of the snow, quipping as we did, ” But, without government who would shovel the sidewalks!” a rather indignant dig at the ruling class.

The protest went on for a couple of hours. Some  honked their support, others who did not appreciate the danger we placed ourselves in preferred to show us their middle finger, or pretended to shoot us with their index. A rather barbaric and disgusting gesture in my opinion.

All was calm and orderly, until two individuals claiming to be from Chicagoland wished to view the location where a man’s life was taken from him at a mere 22 years of age. A young virgin to the protest mindset, offered to be their guide. On their way out, she claims the two made a rather boisterous scene yelling “BLACK LIVES MATTER!” and refusing to leave the store. The young woman claimed to have been outrageously embarrassed. I am inclined to believe her story, as the two men left shortly after. Saddly that was not the end of her troubles.

Just as we were all prepping to leave, an L.E.O. S.U.V. and cruiser pulled up, accompanied by some of Walmarts bigwigs, and fingered the young girl for the trespass incident. While the two L.E.O.’s detained the young girl I questioned the Walmart official as to whether he solved all of his problems with centralized violence, needless to say he was too scared to voice his true opinion. Despite our best efforts the two armed agents of the state kidnapped this young girl and held her against her will for a period of approximately a half hour. Then released her with a warning to never come on Walmart property again. An action hardly requiring the summoning of armed individuals, and ironoc considering they had to kidnapp her back on Walmart  property, but alas the management of Walmart seems not to understand how to have a civil discussion, not to mention the fact that they held on to the video of Mr Crawfords murder to protect the L.E.O.’s.

Once we had all of our coterie back together again, we headed off for some well deserved dinner, and discussed tactics and techniques to further the cause of liberty and police accountability. Amazing connections were made and lifelong friendships, I’m sure were cemented.

As we headed back to our hotel room we were joined by four or five other activists and had a heartwarming  and illuminating end of the night.

The following morning I woke well rested on the floor of the hotel room. we gathered our belongings and loaded up for the trip back to Parma, stopping to have breakfast with another superstar  activist.

As we sat eating our omelets a thought crossed all of our minds; if the people surrounding us only had half a clue of the work being done to secure their lives liberties and property, by the five individuals sitting at that table then perhaps they would be willing to stand with us. but alas outreach in the restaurant would have been poor manners so we resigned to seeing one another at Liberty Forum and went our separate ways.

The trip back was no less hair raising, the driver antagonizing the highwaymen we saw along our route. I spent one more night with my hosts and interviewed them about our recent experiences in Beavercreek, which you can find at UnityEvolved.Com. , before setting out on the final leg of my journey.

Stay tuned dear reader for the conclusion of my pilgrimage to the Liberty Mecca, New Hampshire.