Path of a Free Stater

The morning of February 28th was a special one for me. I was prepping to leave my family and friends on a trip to New Hampshire. I had decided last November, to take a test drive of an idea created over a decade ago, The Free State Project. It’s the plan to move 20,000 liberty minded individuals to the same geographical location, in order to get active to make the maximum role of government the protection of life, liberty, and property. A lofty goal for any group, and one I whole heartedly see as the answer to the encroaching police state.

FSPI departed Illinois around 1pm, enroute to Ohio. Saddly it would not be without incident. Before I could even make it out of Illinois the tread on my van came off. No injuries or property damage occurred, but it did cost me $150 and 3 hours of drive time. Something I am having a hard time dealing with now.

The first stop on my journey (outside Illinois) would be the city of Parma. A contact of mine, who is affiliated with Copblock (a decentralized group of individuals dedicated to police accountability) lives there. When I arrived at his home he was already out, engaging with the state in an effort to produce video content aimed at waking the masses.

We linked up and headed back out. In his green subaru, with Montana plates I felt invulnerable, impervious to the threat of the state. We cruised up and down the streets of Cleveland, looking for the most dangerous thugs, to put them on blast for their extortion.

It didn’t take long for one of the gangbangers to make their threat of force known.  As we parked around the corner my adrenaline was on full blast. I had been copblocking before but always solo and never outside of my hometown. Now, I had backup. Now I had friends. Now i was with the originator, the hardcore copblockers. One dressed as an imperial stormtrooper the other in a copblock hoodie.

We approached the scene. A cruiser had pulled over two men in a truck. As we stood there filming, a group of teen boys approached inquiring as to what we were doing. After informing them of our actions (which they seemed very interested in) the truck pulled off without major incident.

We walked back to the car feeling accomplished when one of us noticed the agents of the state had decided to park sideways in the middle of the street (a major no no for the tax cow) to harass the teens. We hurried to the car and pulled around. The imperial stormtrooper jumped out of the vehicle ready to do intellectual battle with the forces of darkness. Our mere presence was enough to dissuade this authoritarian sociopath. He left before we could get video of him.

The kids said that he threatened to arrest them because they were smoking. As though it was his divine duty to keep the kids on the straight and narrow. God forbid individuals be responsible for their own actions. Obviously he didn’t hold too strongly to that duty, considering he ran away the moment he saw us.

The rest of the night was spent editing video and setting my equipment up to do an interview with the freedom fighters. Which can be heard @

Stay tuned right here at to catch part 2 of Path of a Free Stater. Where we will be headed to Beaver Creek, OH and more police accountability at the site of the murder of John Crawford.