Pig’s Head in a Pentagram Left Outside Montreal Police Brotherhood

A pig’s head was left outside the Montreal Police Brotherhood building overnight.

The severed head was in the middle of an inverted pentagram drawn in chalk on the front steps of Montreal’s police union office on Gilford St.

Pig Head Police 20150313 TOPIXPolice investigators have been on the scene and are collecting evidence, including security camera footage, police said.

“It’s being taken seriously,” Constable Anie Lemieux of the police service said. No suspects have been named.

Martin Desrochers, spokesperson for the Brotherhood, said the union won’t comment on the act and won’t make any interpretations of the gesture.

A tarp was placed over the pig’s head around 7:30 this morning, Le Devoir reported. A star fashioned from sticks tied together was also propped up agains the building’s doors. On it there was a note in French that reads “You have taken them alive! We want them back alive! May ghosts haunt you forever!”

This was also a chant used by activists in Mexico who demand justice following the disappearance of 43 students in September last year.

Below the words was the drawing of a Baphomet, an inverted pentagram with a goat’s head, which is a symbol of Satanism. However, a scholar of the Church of Satan doesn’t believe this is the work of serious Satanists, but an effort to shock and provoke.

“The overwhelming majority of persons or groups of religious Satanists are firmly law abiding, and openly denounce vandalism or criminal activities done in the name of Satan,” Cimminnee Holt, a lecturer of religion at Concordia University wrote. “Many Satanists are even pro-establishment and pro-law-enforcement, recognizing it as a necessary part of the social contract for all to live peacefully.

“Additionally, no satanic groups include dead animals in their rituals, and are firmly against animal mistreatment,” she added.

Police aren’t making any links between the head and the anti-police brutality demonstration scheduled for Sunday.