Rudy Giuliani ‘Commends’ Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson For Shooting Michael Brown

While discussing the tragic shootings of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, Rudy Giuliani found a new, even more disgusting way to hate on African Americans, especially those in the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

GiulianiSporting an American flag pin, Giuliani showed only disrespect and loathing for the black president our country twice elected (who Giuliani insists doesn’t love America), our black attorney general and the African American community in general.

First, Giuliani followed  the Fox News protocol of shrugging off the Department of Justice’s findings of systemic racism in Ferguson’s criminal justice system and painting Attorney General Eric Holder as the real race criminal – even suggesting that his blackitude caused the police officers to get shot:

GIULIANI: There’s an atmosphere of unbalance here. All we talked about is, ‘The police did this wrong, the police did that wrong, the police did this wrong.’ That’s a footnote. The major headline is, ‘Police of the United States make it possible for you and me to go home every night and be safe.’ The number of incidents are minuscule. …It would prevent an atmosphere like this if you balance the statement.”

Of course, Giuliani was talking to a white woman and not any family members of the many unarmed people of color killed by police in the last five years. I suspect they would have an entirely different sense of proportion.

Those incidents “should be eliminated, they should be done away with,” Giuliani continued. “But it’s gotta be put in the proper context.”

That “proper context” for Giuliani always seems to be Blacks Behaving Badly. Which to me has always sounded like a dog whistle for “They mostly deserve it.” But this time Giuliani came right out and said it about Michael Brown.

GIULIANI: What happened in Ferguson is a man committed a robbery, attempted to assault a police officer, and the police officer – to save his life – shot him and… The police officer did his duty. The officer should be commended for what he did. He did exactly what he should do.

It’s one thing to say Officer Wilson had a reasonable fear for his life when he shot Brown. It’s quite another to praise him for it.

Host Martha MacCallum never challenged a word of it.

Watch it below, from the March 12 America’s Newsroom.

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