Texas Swat Team Raids The Minds of Children at School Sponsored “Career Day”

Nothing says elementary school career day more than men dressed in paramilitary swat gear with fully automatic M4s draped across their chests.  That was the scene this past Friday at the Webb Elementary School“Career Day” in Arlington, Texas where members of the local SWAT team attended and spoke to the children about their job as a hired gun for the corrupt political class.

SWAT Career DayThe Arlington PD proudly posted pictures of their SWAT officers talking in front of a large group of impressionable school children to their Facebook page on Friday.  Ironically, this very swat team made international headlines in 2013 when they wrongfully raided a local organic farm to serve a search warrant for marijuana.  As it turned out they didn’t find any drugs, but they seized 17 blackberry bushes, 15 okra plants, 14 tomatillo plants … native grasses and sunflowers.  I’m guessing they didn’t mention that part of their job to the attentive audience.

According to an extensive study by the ACLU on the militarization of police, 62% of all SWAT activity includes serving warrants for small amounts of drugs.  In other words, most of the SWAT team’s time is spent terrorizing peaceful pot smokers, or non-violent drug dealers and initiating violence where it is morally unjustified.  I understand that politicians have deemed a plant to be illegal, and granted an imaginary authority to a group of violent men dressed as soldiers to raid private property, and throw peaceful people in a cages.  However, I find this behavior to be completely outside the realm of natural law and should be demonized by anyone and everyone who understand these atrocities being carried out by the state.  Even more reprehensible is that these violent men are being paraded in front of children in a tax payer funded school, in full riot gear, as if they have a noble role in society.

Facebook postsHowever, not so surprisingly, hoards of of boot-licking citizens flocked to the comment section below the photos to thank the department for “all they do”…

Unfortunately, I have news for Paul, Karen, Hector and all the others who blew smoke up the ass of their oppressors.  Those guns, and scary looking costumes are statistically not used for your safety.  They are used to wage war against your neighbor, your grand-kids, your local farmer, or anyone who challenges the status quo.  According to newly available statistics, American citizens are 58 times more likely to be killed by the police than a terrorist.  So, to glorify these killing machines is to be ignorant of reality.







Watch a SWAT raid in Ft. Worth which left one man dead


Original article by Brett Sanders

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