White Police Supporters Admit on Video They Are Happy Black Man Killed by Cops

An all-white pro-police demonstration in Beavercreek Ohio last year was apparently crashed by a masked Anonymous supporter with a video camera who asked hard questions.  Beavercreek is the place where an unarmed 21 year old John Crawford picked up an unloaded BB gun from a Walmart shelf; the police later showed up and killed him without any warning.

The man who recorded this vide was apparently also armed, open carrying a Glock, which may be the reason why he was not attacked and assaulted by the crowd.

The crowd interacts in various ways with him but at one point people in the police-loving crowd admit that they are “glad that an innocent black man was shot by the police” and claim that the cop “did was he was trained to do,” namely, kill someone.

Last week a Police Review Board found that the cops did nothing improper.  Nobody was ever charged in the shooting and killing of John Crawford and both cops are back on duty.

Watch in amazement below how this unfolded.


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