It Took Less Than 4 Seconds For Palm Beach Deputy to Kill Bike Rider

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Four seconds: That’s the time it took from the moment Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Lin ran from his car before he opened fire on Dontrell Stephens.

The 2013 incident was captured on video by PBSO and published by The Palm Beach Post and NewsChannel 5 as part of a year-long investigation into police shootings by the Post’s Lawrence Mower and Channel 5’s Katie LaGrone.

Lin thought Stephens, 20, had a gun.

He didn’t. He had a cell phone.

Stephens is just one of the cases they found: Mower and LaGrone created a database of more than 250 shootings.

Stephens had bicycled across a road the wrong way, said Lin, who wanted to give him a ticket.

But once Stephens got off his bike and started walking toward him, Lin believed Stephens was reaching for a gun. He shot four times. Stephens is a paraplegic.