Arkansas Cops Admit They Shot and Killed Handcuffed Man

Arkansas Community Correction Deputy Director Dina Tyler

Arkansas Community Correction Deputy Director Dina Tyler

CABOT, Ark. – The Associated Press wire reported that Arkansas police officers admit they shot and killed a man whom they had handcuffed and detained in the back of their patrol car.

State Department of Community Correction Deputy Director Dina Tyler says Jonathan McIntosh, 35, was killed Tuesday in Cabot, Arkansas. Neither video footage, sound clips, or names of the police who shot and killed McIntosh have been released.

Tyler said Arkansas Department of Community Corrections (ADCC) and Lonoke County Sheriff’s Department officers detained McIntosh, whom they claim to have searched, while looking for another suspect. When officers searched McIntosh, they claim they found drugs on his person, but did not find any weapons.

Cops say when McIntosh was detained, he had his hands cuffed behind him and was seated the back of the vehicle. The officers then alleged that they left McIntosh in the back of the car, and that while out of view he was somehow able to get his handcuffed hands in front of him, acquire a gun, and fire it at them when they returned to interview him.

Officers were unable to explain how McIntosh was able to do this. They also claim they don’t know how McIntosh was able to acquire a gun, or where it came from.

No officers were reported as injured. As of yet, there have been no reports that any officers were charged for the slaying.