BREAKING: Royal Caribbean Detains Couple Over ‘Going Overboard’ Joke


Most people spend months saving for an expensive cruise to a beautiful Caribbean island, but things do not always work out as planned, which is the case of a couple from Ohio which by all appearances have been kidnapped and are being held against their will by Royal Caribbean Cruises.

At this very moment, Tim and Michele Baker, a couple from Ohio who wanted to spend a great vacation on a Royal Caribbean cruise have instead been detained after Royal Caribbean security found a 7 round .45 magazine in the front pocket his luggage, a magazine which he misplaced long ago and thought of as being lost.

After being detained during the luggage search, Tim Baker was interrogated and asked questions such as, “Why do you need to own a gun?” and “Are you in law enforcement?”

When the interrogation was over, NJ Port Authority from Cape Liberty told them, “Today is your lucky day, you should be in jail” and the couple boarded the ship.

Naturally, Tim’s wife Michele has become very anxious and almost panicked during this stressful situation.  When their luggage was still being delayed, she uttered to her husband a comment stating “this is going overboard” which was overheard by a security guard and led Royal Caribbean to virtually imprison the couple in a small room with an armed guard outside their door.

As 11:50 PM, Saturday May 16 2015, Tim and Michele are still being kept as prisoners by a private firm and not being told the details of their detention.  They have access to the Internet which they used to communicate to Truthvoice and pass this story to us.

If you are willing to help Michele and Tim, please contact Royal Caribbean at (800) 256-6649 and ask for their release.  They are being held on The Liberty of The Sea which sailed away from Cape Liberty in NJ and is heading to Bermuda.  The captain of the ship has the authority to release them but we were told that the corporate office made the decision to keep the couple locked up at least until they arrive to Bermuda.

Royal Caribbean informed the couple that they will not be allowed to return to the United States on the same ship and will have to take a flight back to the country.