Maryland Cop Conspires to Kill Ex-Wife, Succeeds in Murdering Her Husband


WALDORF, Md. — Police released the identity of an officer who was arrested today for conspiring to murder his ex-wife and her husband in a McDonald’s parking lot last Wednesday.

Officer Richard Conway, 26, is facing a first-degree murder charge for killing his ex-wife’s husband Robert Mange, 25, and other charges for shooting and wounding his ex-wife Krystal Mange, 24.

Police say Officer Conway’s own mother, Caroline Conway, 51, helped her son conspire to murder his ex-wife and her husband after a child custody dispute. Caroline reportedly confessed to the murder when she was questioned, and is now also facing first-degree murder charges.

“We followed the investigative leads, we were able to quickly apprehend her, and when we had an opportunity to question her, she admitted to the shooting,” said Charles County Sheriff Troy Berry.

Caroline Conway

Murder Suspect Caroline Conway

Caroline says she used a gun she obtained from the Prince George’s County Police Department, where her son worked, to shoot the victims. Police have not found the murder weapon, but shell casings that match the .40 caliber ammunition used by Prince George’s County police were recovered from the crime scene.

The murder happened at dinner time last Wednesday at a McDonald’s restaurant where Krystal and Robert Mange were picking up her two kids from the Conways.

Krystal and Robert Mange were shot in a McDonald’s parking lot, where they met with the Conways to pick up their children. A police report states that Caroline Conway entered the back of the Mange’s vehicle and while carrying the gun she obtained from her son’s police department. Robert Mange, who is a Navy sailor, tried to wrestle the gun away from her, but was instead repeatedly shot by Caroline. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

After Robert was shot, Krystal reportedly fled the vehicle from the side door but was followed by Caroline and shot in the back.

Charles County State’s Attorney Anthony Covington claims the prosecution has text messages that show Richard Conway conspired with his mother to have his ex-wife and her husband killed. He also claims the text messages show Conway planned to cover the murder up afterwards.

<blockquote>”The evidence we believe shows he conspired with his mother ahead of time and assisted her in making the crime succeed. That’s first-degree murder.”

— Prosecutor Anthony Covington</blockquote>

Richard Conway worked for the Prince George’s County Police Department for three years. He has been suspended without pay following his arrest.

Both Richard and Caroline Conway suspects are sitting behind bars without bond at the Charles County Detention Center.

Richard and Caroline Conway were held without bond and are behind bars at the Charles County Detention Center.

Krystal Mange is reportedly recovering from her injuries, and has been released from the hospital. Her family has helped care for her two children — a 4-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl. Police say the children were not present when the shooting occurred.