Florida Cop Named in Wrongful Death Suit Now Behind Bars for Domestic Violence


Left: Key West Police Officer Nicholas Galbo; Right: An image depicting domestic violence

KEY WEST, Fla. — A police officer was put behind bars Tuesday for domestic violence, facing battery charges for beating his girlfriend.

Nicholas Galbo, 32, allegedly battered his girlfriend Ashlynn Jones, 18 at their home in Key West. According to police, the couple got into an argument, and when Jones went to leave, Galbo grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her body. Jones then went to call the police, which caused Galbo to “freak out,” taking Jones’s phone from her and throwing it, then pinning her to the ground.

Jones was fortunately able to escape Galbo and file a police report. Police then contacted Galbo, took him in for questioning at the police station, and then placed him under arrest.

Galbo has a history of incidences involving violence. In 2014, Galbo was named in a wrongful death lawsuit where police asphyxiated a man, causing his death. During the course of the suit, Galbo was deposed and made comments that appear to directly contradict video evidence. Despite the blow to the Key West Police’s credibility, the death was eventually ruled an “accident.”

Galbo is still employed as an officer for the Key West Police Department, and has been placed on paid administrative pending the outcome of the investigation. His arraignment has not yet been scheduled.