Former Baltimore Cop Spills Beans About Heinous Police Misconduct and Disgusting Behavior

Retired Officer Michael Wood

Retired Officer Michael Wood

A recently retired Baltimore police officer shared stories on Twitter Wednesday about some of the misconduct he says his fellow officers engaged in while he was with the department.

Michael Wood, an 11-year police veteran and former US Marine, says police illegally searched thousands of people, and engaged in disgusting acts, such as defecating on the beds and clothes of suspects.

Some of Wood’s tweets are available below:

Wood has promised to reveal more misdoings about police conduct in the future.

Commenting on the death of unarmed man Freddie Gray, who died from a spinal cord injury while in Baltimore police custody, Woods told the Secular News Network in a May interview that “BPD started the riots.” Wood also said Gray’s death shows a clear disparity in the way police treat black people and white people.