Houston Cop Shoots Dog After Running Into Wrong House


Robert Alexnader’s dog Prada, shown with an injury to its hind leg

HOUSTON — A dog whose owner said was tied up behind his house last Wednesday was shot by a police officer who was chasing a suspect into a nearby house.

Prada, the 3-year-old pitbull owned by Robert Alexander, survived the gunshot, but required a surgery on her hind leg which Alexander says cost several thousand dollars.

Alexander says police have not given him an apology, and the city of Houston has offered no help in covering his dog’s surgery.

“I just think it’s madness,” said Alexander. “I can’t understand. It’s sad and it’s painful because I watched her grow. I took a lot of care of her.”

Alexander’s neighbor, Michael Walker, claims to have seen what led up to the shooting:

“The officer told him to stop. He shot at the dude. The dog ran to the end of the chain when she heard the shot. When she ran to the end of the chain, she had no place to go. When she didn’t have no place to go, when she reached the end of her destination, she turned to run back towards where the officer was going back under the house.”

Police have not released the name of the officer who shot the dog. The officer has not been charged with a crime.