Investigation of Cleveland Woman Who Died in Police Custody Handed Over Seven Months Later


Tanisha Anderson, 37, who died while in police custody

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department is launching an investigation into the November death of a woman who died while in custody of the Cleveland police.

Tanisha Anderson, 37, was killed on November 13 while two police officers, Scott Aldridge and Bryan Myers, held her in a prone position on the ground. Anderson was not armed at any time during her encounter with police.

Police say they came to Anderson’s residence after her family called for assistance. Anderson, who is bipolar, was reportedly “disturbing the peace.” Police say Anderson struggled when they attempted to force her into their patrol car, and claim that she tried to kick the officers. It was then that Aldridge and Myers decided to force her to the ground and forcibly restrain her, eventually causing her death.

Cuyahoga County Sheriff Cliff Pinkney spoke about the investigation at a press release on Tuesday.

“As with any investigation, our detectives will do an impartial and thorough job,” Pinkney said, adding that he won’t give “an artificial timeline” for the investigation to be completed. His announcement comes after seven months of waiting for those seeking justice in Anderson’s death.