Jacksonville Bill Would Regulate How People Park Their Cars on Their Own Property

A man addresses the Jacksonville City Council; h/t Stephanie Brown

A man addresses the Jacksonville City Council; h/t Stephanie Brown

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A bill before the Jacksonville City Council would make it illegal for people to back their cars into their driveways unless their license plate information can be easily read from the street.

Proponents of Jacksonville Ordinance 2015-377 claim a new law is needed because city officials have encountered difficulties in enforcing city regulations, including those on vehicles the city considers to be “abandoned.” Under the current law, officials are not permitted to go onto private property to get a better view of the vehicles.

From the bill:

a. Any parked vehicle that is visible from the right-of-way shall contain the required license tag, and such license tag shall be clearly visible from the right-of-way or the license tag shall be printed legibly and visible from the right-of-way, with characters not less than two inches in height so that it is clearly visible from the right-of-way.

The bill would also allow city officials to regulate outdoor storage, including “equipment, furnishings, furniture, appliances, construction materials or any other items which are not designed to be used outdoors,” according to the interpretation of the city government.