Minnesota Cop Under Investigation for Negligently Shooting Motorcyclist

An image illustrating poor trigger discipline

An image illustrating poor “trigger discipline,” with the gun operator placing his index finger inside the trigger guard before acquiring a target

EDEN PRARIE, Minn. — Police say an officer who shot a motorcyclist early Saturday morning may have done so negligently.

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting, where police say an Eden Prairie officer pursued a man on a motorcycle a short distance and accidentally shot him when the chase ended.

Police say the man was struck in the arm by the officer’s gunfire. Police have not said why the officer drew his gun and fired, or what started the chase. There have been no reports that the motorcyclist, whose name has not been released, was armed.

The sheriff’s office says the man is in their custody for fleeing from police, and is receiving treatment a local area hospital.

The sheriff’s office has not released the name of the officer suspected of negligently shooting the man, but are expected to release a statement Monday. The officer has not been charged with a crime.