Officer Brelo Faces New Assault Charges Just Days After Acquittal for Killing Unarmed Couple


Four days after being acquitted for shooting two unarmed people to death, Cleveland Police Officer Micahel Brelo became involved in a physical dispute, and is now facing assault charges.

According to the criminal complaint, Brelo punched his brother, Mark Brelo, in the head, face and body.

A warrant for Brelo’s arrest was filed Tuesday in Rocky River Municipal Court, according to documents found on the Rocky River Municipal Court.

From the complaint:

“On or about May 27, 2015, … Michael J. Brelo did knowingly cause or attempt to cause physical harm to Mark R. Brelo, to wit: by striking/punching Mark R. Brelo in the head, face, and body. Probable cause was established through interviews with Mark R. Brelo and Michael J. Brelo and observing visible injuries to Mark R. Brelo.”

A Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court judge acquitted Michael Brelo of manslaughter on May 23 in for shooting and killing two unarmed Cleveland residents — Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams.

Brelo is still employed by the Cleveland Police Department, but has been placed on administrative leave.

Police union attorney Patrick D’Angelo, who represented Brelo during his previous trial, at first declined to comment on the Brelo’s more recent charges, but went on to offer what he believes may be a potential excuse:

“I don’t represent him or his brother, nor do I know the facts. I believe it may all relate to some unresolved, emotional conflict issues over a period of time between two brothers.”

Brelo is expected to turn himself in. A court date for the charges has not yet been set.