UPDATE: Second Raid On Dispensary Where Cops Stole Pot Cookies, Sabotaged Security


UPDATE @ 7/10/2015 1:50 AM: According to a report from the OC Register, police conducted a second, separate raid of the dispensary after police were caught on video attempting to disable security, stealing and eating marijuana edibles, and mocking the dispensary’s disabled manager.

The OC Register reports:

“Several employees at a Santa Ana medical marijuana clinic were briefly detained Wednesday after police converged on the collective for the second time in less than two months and shut it down.

“The closure followed the execution of a search warrant at the Sky High Holistic dispensary for violating a city ordinance prohibiting dispensaries, Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.”

SANTA ANA, Calif. — Santa Ana police are under fire and facing possible litigation for their behavior while storming a medical marijuana dispensary, after a recording was released that shows two officers making racist comments and berating an amputee, as well as stealing cannabis edibles and attempting to disable surveillance cameras.

Hidden surveillance cameras recorded the event at the Sky High medical marijuana dispensary. The cameras were installed by the owners, who expected to be raided after their dispensary failed to win the ‘lottery’ that grants 20 dispensaries a license to operate in the city.

David Pappas, the attorney hired by the dispensary, instructed his clients to remain calm and cooperate with the police. After the raid, Pappas released video of the incident that shows officers attempting to disable the surveillance cameras and stealing pot-infused cookies. It also captured the following dialogue:

“Did you punch that one-legged old benita?”

“I was about to kick her in her fucking nub!”

A video of police making the comments is available below:

Santa Ana Police Chief Carlos Rojas said his own department will be investigating the incident, but proposed the unlikely excuse that an officer may have brought a cookie with him to eat, rather than stealing a marijuana edible from the dispensary.

“I don’t know if that’s [a marijuana] edible. Where did [the officer] get it?”

Santa Ana Police Chief Carlos Rojas

Santa Ana Police Chief Carlos Rojas

More video of the officers, which includes them playing darts and joking about the raid, is available below: