South Carolina Cop and Ex-Marine Arrested for Killing His Own Wife


Aiken County Sheriff’s Deputy Matthew Blakely

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. — An Aiken County Sherrif’s Deputy is behind bars and being charged for shooting his own wife.

Deputy Matthew Blakely, of North Augusta, is accused of shooting his wife, Candice Blakely, 24, Sunday evening. Blakely was arrested shortly thereafter, but has so far only been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Police reportedly found Candice’s body in the bathtub of the couple’s home, along with an M4 assault rifle and a broken wedding band.

Murder victim Candice Blakely, 24, of North Augusta

Murder victim Candice Blakely, 24, of North Augusta

Officers say another Aiken County deputy, Matthew Murphy, was also in the house when they arrived, and appeared to have blood and cuts on his hands. Murphy told the officers that Candice had been shot in the head, and was in the bathroom. Police have not charged Murphy in connection with the death.

Blakely, a former US marine, was employed by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office in November 2014, and was considered a probationary officer. Blakely was fired immediately after being arrested.

An autopsy for Candice Blakely is scheduled for today, and may lead to further charges.


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