VIDEO: California Police Beat Unarmed, Cooperative Man with Batons


STOCKTON, Calif. — A video posted to social media outlets on Thursday shows police officers in Stockton, California beating an unarmed man — who does not appear to be resisting — with batons.

Donovan Saari, 25, of Sacramento, appears to be the man in the video. The Stockton Police Department issued a statement on their Facebook page that describes the arrest as having occurred “without incident.”

Video of the arrest appears to show a Stockon Police Department officer striking a Saari’s legs repeatedly with his weapon. The video appears to have been recorded by person in the driver’s seat of a nearby car, possibly filming the beating from a cellphone.

A voice off camera shouts “stop resisting!” but Saari does not appear to be actively resisting his arrest by the police officers who have grappled him and beat him with a baton.

At one point during the video, Saari says “I can’t get my arm behind my back!” as an officer lies on top of him, twisting his arm.

So far no charges have been filed against the officers who beat Saari.

Video of the incident is available below: