Allen West — Retired Colonel, Closet Racist

Retired Lt. Col and Former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) (Associated Press)

Retired Lt. Col and Former Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) (Associated Press)

By Deric Lostutter

On the heels of the Charleston attacks by Dylann Roof which sparked a great racial divide and debate over a piece of trivial cloth known as the confederate flag, retired Lt. Col. Allen West made headlines speaking at Times Square in opposition to the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Calling Iranians “black robed, crazed clerics” and spreading Islamaphobia, West shared numerous war stories in an attempt to validate and claim military superiority of the United States.

Quoting Alexander The Great, Allen West went on to say:

“I would not fear an army of lions if they were lead by sheep, but I would fear an army of sheep if it were lead by a lion.”

Wait, did he just refer to the population of the United States as sheep?

In 2003, West was spared a court martial, and instead subjected to an Article 32 hearing for relentlessly beating and simulating an execution of an Iraqi police officer who was working with West’s regiment because West received a vague rumor that his troops would be ambushed.

The war crime interrogation proved fruitless after the officer was found not guilty after saying exactly what West wanted to hear: that he was in fear for his life. West was slapped on the wrist with a $5000 fine for the crime, and allowed to retire with rank and full benefits.

According to Al Jazeera, the Nuclear Deal seems to provide a way to finally end the war in the Middle East, bringing a stop to the search for imaginary weapons of mass destruction.

With the nuclear agreement, Tehran and Washington should be able to transform their cold peace into active cooperation on the stabilisation and development of Afghanistan. It will be a mutually beneficial trilateral cooperation.

Kabul could combine the US and Iran’s complementary powers and assets. And the US would finally find a reliable regional partner for its Afghan mission and thus reduce dependency on its dubious alley, Pakistan.

For Iran, a secure Afghanistan is key to the security of its eastern provinces and the gateway to Afghanistan’s abundant natural resources. Geostrategic proximity to China and Central Asia also plays a crucial role in the regional security.

Ending the war in the Middle East is not only insulting to war-crazed congressmen, it’s not profitable for them either.

West went on to close the speech, asking for God to bless the United States of America and Israel — the two nations responsible for the death of more than 2,061 Palestinian children at the hand of allied weapons, rockets, and drones.

So I ask you this Mr. West: who are the terrorists?

You can watch West’s hate-filled, war driven speech below: