Cop Caught Maliciously Sabotaging Motorbike Gets Slap On The Wrist


Detective Senior Constable Rodney Lockley pouring oil down the exhaust pipe of his neighbor’s motorbike

SYDNEY, Australia — A police officer in Sydney’s western suburbs has been caught on CCTV attempting to destroy his neighbor’s new motorcycle.

After purchasing a motorbike, Bianca Kulikovskis claims she asked her neighbours if the noise was a concern.

“I don’t want to disturb the neighbours and I’ve asked them if they have an issue with it, and they say they don’t even hear it,” Ms Kulikovskis told A Current Affair.

She says she was so concerned about annoying neighbours that she would push it up the road when she leaves home and coast it back on her return.

With all the courtesy she was showing to her neighbours, she was puzzled when late one night, while watching a movie, she saw her neighbour covering his face and coming up her driveway.

Detective Senior Constable Rodney Lockley of Quakers Hill Police Station was filmed on CCTV approaching her new motorbike and pouring engine oil down the exhaust pipe.

“So I just yelled out and he’s dropped his T-Shirt, because he was covering his face, and done the runner,” Ms Kulikovskis said.

If Ms Kulikovis hadn’t seen the incident, the consequence could have been fatal.

“It would have screwed my engine and it had a chance of catching on fire while I was on the bike,” she said.

Bianca’s mother, Margarita, claims that police never informed them of any progress in the investigation.

“They did not call us once,” she said.

Without their knowledge, Officer Lockley had pleaded guilty, told to pay the damage and given a good behaviour bond, receiving no criminal conviction for the malicious damage.

Since pleading guilty, Officer Lockley has been placed on desk duty until his 12-month good behaviour bond expires.

“I was stunned that he is still a police officer. He could have put me in hospital, yet he still carries his badge and allowed to carry a gun,” Ms Kulikovskis said.

This story appeared originally on local affiliate program A Local Affair

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