Dope-Dealing St. Louis Detective Arrested, Police Dept. Attempts to Distance Itself

Suspended Detective Natalie Williams of the St. Louis Police

Suspended Detective Natalie Williams of the St. Louis Police

ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis Detective who was a member of a community outreach program promoting ethical police behavior has been arrested for some of the same crimes she was tasked with locking others up for — possession of heroin, along with a large amount of cash and guns.

Detective Natalie Williams, 34, came under investigation by internal affairs for totally separate allegations of “conduct unbecoming an officer.” Williams, a seven-year veteran of the St. Louis police, was suspended without pay when a raid last Tuesday on a home where she was staying turned up heroin, drug paraphernalia, a scale, handguns, and approximately $10,000 in cash.

Acknowledging the public’s distrust of police charging their own, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce said, “I hope that the public’s confidence in the system is increased by this because these types of charges.”

Joyce says the fact that Williams was even charged at all is evidence that the system is working as it should, although police do statistically face much more lenient sentences and lower conviction rates for crimes they commit.

Police Chief Sam Dotson echoed Joyce’s sentiments in an attempt to win over the public, and distance his department from the dope-dealing detective:

“Police officers are not above the law, and when they are involved in criminal activity, we will pursue them vigorously until justice is served. The actions of one should not tarnish the reputation of the 1,300 dedicated men and women who serve as police officers in the city of St. Louis.”

The Ethical Society of Police, an organization that purports to establish a connection with the St. Louis community, still lists Williams on its website as its Recording Secretary.

Williams faces two felony charges of unlawful use of a weapon, and one felony charge for drug manufacturing. Williams had her bond set at $30,000.