Lawsuit Filed After Drug-Dealing Cops Lied To Get Man Convicted


Left: former officer Matthew Hudak; Right: former officer Terrance O’Brien

A man has filed a lawsuit against Schaumburg, Illinois police officers who provided evidence against him after it was discovered they were charged multiple times for criminal conspiracy.

In August 2013, Sean Cerami faced drug-related charges due to testimony and evidence provided by former undercover detectives Terrance O’Brien and Matthew Hudak.

Cerami plead guilty due to the evidence given by the two detectives, and spent over a year behind bars before being released, after it was found that the two detectives were themselves part of an illegal narcotics franchise.

“[The detectives] said they had a confidential informant giving them the information for the warrant,” said Victor Ciardelli, Cerami’s attorney. “There was no confidential informant. They lied.”

Hudak and O’Brien resigned from the Schaumburg Police Department in 2013 after being arrested on drug conspiracy charges.

The lawsuit claims Cerami was maliciously prosecuted as a result of the corrupt officers’ false testimony. According to a report by The Daily Herald:

Cerami’s lawsuit is the first to make a federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations, or RICO, claim, according to Schaumburg’s attorney Jim Sotos.

Such a claim is usually used to help the government prosecute organized crime, Sotos said.

Hudak and O’Brien both pleaded guilty to unlawful delivery of a controlled substance, official misconduct, burglary, and armed violence, and were sentenced to 26 and 24 years in prison, respectively.