Video: Beavercreek Cops Dispatch Fire Trucks on ‘Chalk The Police Day’

Beavercreek Chalk

Beavercreek Police Department used a city firetruck and dispatched three firefighters to wash away the messages written by activists in chalk

by Virgil Vaduva

The Police Department in Beavercreek, Ohio did not take well to a group of local activists writing messages in chalk in the public property surrounding the PD building.  Yesterday the activists took it to the pavement mostly with messages regarding the shooting of an unarmed black man by one of the cops working for the Beavercreek PD; the shooting was found to be justified by an investigative board.  Sean Williams, the officer responsible for the shooting of John Crawford in a local Walmart is still employed by the department and continues to be paid by the local taxpayers.

The local community has shown overwhelming support for the police department.  In the past I have covered at least one pro-police rally and was able to record footage showing at least one police supporter stating that he was happy a black man was killed by the cops.

With messages calling out for the remembrance of John Crawford and the prosecution of Sean Williams, the activists spent about twenty minutes chalking the sidewalks surrounding the building.  I participated in the event and did not anticipate such a quick and massive response from the City of Beavercreek attempting to erase the truth behind these messages.

About an hour after the chalking, the city dispatched a tanker truck manned by three firefighters to wash away the chalk from the pavement.  As reminded in the video below, the area has experienced daily downpours and it is unclear why they responded so quickly to the chalking when they could have waited out for the evening rain to wipe out the chalk.  The cost and waste of city resources to cover the message of truth is not surprising as they continue to refuse to file charges against the killer of John Crawford and refuse to answer questions about the incident.

Fortunately I was able to anticipate the fast response and recorded the incident.  You can watch it below.