Chicago Cop Says He has ‘No Choice but to F**king Pull Over Black People’

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A new YouTube video surfaced where a Chicago cop clearly is attempting to intimidate and show completely disregard for the civil rights of American citizens recording his actions:

“If you think the camera is gonna make a difference to you as to what the fuck I say, you’re incorrect.”

He continues saying,

“It’s all black people that live here, so I got no choice but to fucking pull over black people, if you don’t like it, then move-” the officer proclaims.

“I ain’t gotta go nowhere,” an unidentified man responds.

“Then sit around and bitch, I don’t give a fuck,” the cop responds.

The video was published by a YouTube user named The Lyrical Elitist. The harsh honesty of this officer, while shocking to an outsider, is a common notion among the residents of Chicago’s inner-city neighborhoods.

As Tamar Manasseh, the mom behind the creation of MASK (Mothers Against Senseless Killings) explains, the police are the largest obstacle their town faces when it comes to their mission of reducing violence in the community.

“I thought the kids and the violence would be the hardest part but it turns out that the police are,” she continues, “Once, we were singing happy birthday to a kid and an officer drove by and flipped us off.”

Watch the video below and decide for yourself is the relationship between Chicago PD and the community is what it should be.