Officer Attempts To Delete Recordings After Woman Knocked Unconscious

Video available below

Video available below

A report by Sure News gives background behind a video posted to YouTube Friday. The video appears to show a police officer going through a phone to delete recordings of an encounter where police slammed a woman to the ground with such force it knocked her unconscious.

Original report below:

A New York man says Suffolk County police in Long Island tackled him to the ground and attempted to delete footage of police brutality he had recorded but mistakenly removed the wrong file. Square-banner, 20-year-old Thomas Demint claims police have continued to harass and threaten him after the incident, prompting him to go public with the footage for fear of his own safety.

Demint was on his way to work on May 21, 2014 when he spied his friends family being arrested by Suffolk County police in Center Moriches after officers responded to a 911 call reporting that an adult male was attempting suicide. When police arrived, officials say, officers attempted to administer aid to the suicidal man and his family intervened. In one of the most egregious parts of video, an officer is seen slinging a woman to the ground rendering her unconscious.

Video available below:

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