Legal Kidnapping Story Unfolds Further, Connection to Prominent Attorney

By Deric Lostutter

You may remember when TruthVoice reported earlier this year about a curious loophole in a paternity case that effectively allowed a Taiwanese-American mother to be able to leave the country with a newborn child against the father’s wishes, dodging court ordered paternity actions.

New details have emerged regarding the mother, Emily Hsuan Yeh, which shed a light onto her supposed mental instability, in which she ran off with child, after emailing our source her intentions of leaving him, based on trauma caused by her mother, intellectual property attorney, Daisy Wang.

Daisy Wang is a Senior Counselor for Lee and Li Attorney’s-At-Law. Attending College in Illinois, she has garnered many awards and nominations, before returning to her home town of Tapei.

Emails obtained by truthvoice paint a different picture of Daisy Wang. An oppressive narcissistic tiger mom who pushed her daughter, Emily, to the point of no return. Struggling to cope, she left our source via email, throwing away their relationship, and became very secretive with the details of his unborn child.

Could the strict rule of the Wang household have made such an impact on the life of Emily Hsuan Yeh that she effectively is trying to secure the safety that she never had at home, or could Emily have much deeper psychological issues stemming from the “tiger mom” lifestyle?

Emily agreed to have her psychiatrist, referred to in the leaked emails as Robyn, help with these issues and co-parenting, then the trail went cold.

Our source is still offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts of Emily Hsuan Yeh and his child, so he can have the court force the rulings on the estranged mother.

You can read the emails here:

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