New Data Released About Police Brutality in Orlando


New information has been released on allegations of Orlando police brutality

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has turned over its findings in the investigation into excessive force by the Orlando Police Department after a man was shocked by a Taser and kicked on camera.

The information was turned over to the state attorney general, who must now decide if charges should be filed.

Noel Carter, 32, has been charged after police said he allegedly grabbed an ex-girlfriend and repeatedly resisted arrest. Officer Charles Mays used a Taser to shock Carter, and Carter was kicked repeatedly by Orlando officer David Cruz. The incident was captured on video.

“What I don’t think will get factored in is anything that happened before that. That’s really not the point,” said Jeff Deen, WESH 2 News legal analyst.

Deen, a former prosecutor, said Carter’s actions before the video rolled are a separate matter. It’s the officer’s actions, he said, which will be judged by an objective legal standard to determine if what they did constitutes excessive force.

“The factors that go into that is whether he was resisting, whether the public was in danger and what the severity of the crime was,” Deen said.

An FDLE official said the results of its review of the case are not a public record until the state attorney makes a decision whether or not to charge the officers. A spokeswoman for State Attorney Jeff Ashton said that process could take four more months.

A police union spokesman declined an on-camera interview, but tells WESH 2 News the fact that Carter was charged with two felonies and two misdemeanors “speaks volumes.”

Carter remains free on bond. The two officers involved in his arrest were reassigned.

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