Cop Block Founder, Activist Arrested For Chalking Sidewalk Outside Indiana Police Station


by Ian Freeman, for

Ten days ago, Free Keene blogger and Cop Block founder Ademo Freeman was arrested in Kansas on a warrant for chalking in front of the Noblesville, Indiana police department. In the latest salvo in the War on Chalk, Noblesville PD had issued warrants for both Ademo and Brian Sumner, who have been on the Cop Block MAC Tour (Mobile Accountability for Cops) for weeks. Now, Ademo and Brian are pausing the MAC tour and last night turned themselves in at Noblesville PD to clear up the warrants. Here’s their full explanation as to why they turned themselves in and do not wish to be bailed out.

Last night, accompanied by Cop Blockers from Ohio and Indiana, they arrived at Noblesville PD and began chalking police accountability messages with the same liquid chalk product they’d used several weeks ago that resulted in misdemeanor “criminal mischief” charges for them both.

After twenty minutes of chalking, no police had come out to stop them, so they called 911 to alert the police that wanted men were outside their building. Here’s the video of the arrests, recorded by Indiana Cop Blocker Miah Dalek Akston:

They intend to sit in the clink until they are released. How long will Noblesville hold them for this dastardly crime before they face trial? Will the charges be dropped before then? Only time will tell. Stay tuned to Free Keene and Cop Block for the latest.

Meanwhile, Ademo suggests you contact James Baldwin, the Judge in their case or (if you really want to let them know you disapprove) visit the Noblesville Police Department and exercise your first amendment right with some chalk. You never know, you might even be lucky enough to join the guys in jail.

James Baldwin: (317) 776-8595
Hamilton County Jail: (317) 776-9800

To deposit money into Ademo and Brian’s account to use while in the cage, you can go to and enter Hamilton County Jail, Indiana.

Update: A tentative trial date was set for December 8, 2015. Until then, both Ademo and Brian will continue to stay locked in a cage waiting for “justice” to prevail.