Matt Walsh: The Statist Hipster Christian Cop Sucker


Douchebag supreme Matt Walsh drinking bourbon while attacking Marijuana users

by Virgil Vaduva

Matt Walsh, the hipster Christian blogger with a huge online following is hardly a guy that mimics Jesus. Basically an outright asshole, Walsh often pontificates on The Blaze, the site owned by Glenn Beck, against homosexuals, blacks and other minorities that do not live or act as he would have them. In a Rush Limbaugh style of rhetoric, he takes a machine-gun approach to anyone who disagrees with him, including people who attempt to hold cops accountable for their brutal actions.

Walsh often takes positions which are contradictory to his own way of living, such as openly advocating the use of hard liquor like bourbon or scotch while attacking Marijuana users and advocating for their imprisonment.

Worse yet, Walsh has attacked the recent victim in the case involving the South Carolina school cop attack. In an article published on The Blaze, Walsh blames the parents of the 16 year old black girl for the fact that she was beaten by the school cop.  Incredibly, Walsh claims that blind obedience to government authority figures should not only be expected, but enforced trough the use of violence:

You don’t want black girls to be dragged out of classrooms in public schools? Good, neither do I. Nobody wants to see that. But, leftist race mongers, that means you have to stop ignoring the fact that these incidents don’t happen out of nowhere. That cop didn’t just barge into the room and randomly pull the nearest black student out of her chair. He was asked to respond after the student couldn’t be bothered to obey a rule or listen to her teacher or listen to an administrator.

What? Obeying rules is certainly not a top priority in life for a teenage girl; not only that, but blindly obeying rules given to them by a government employee should never even be on the table. In essence Walsh would have children who are forced to sit in a prison-like environment for hours each day be assaulted, slammed on the ground and thrown in a cage simply for disobeying a State official.

The cop who assaulted the girl was even nicknamed “Officer Slam” by the students due to the well-known abuse they often suffered at his hands. But why blame the cop since he is an “authority figure” and can do no wrong when you can blame the girls’ parents?

Calling the girl an “extreme troublemaker” Walsh rants:

The answer is going to be partly their own choice, their own free will, and partly an utter dereliction of duty by the parents (or probably parent, singular). If Black Lives Matter, and they surely do, we would be having this conversation. We would stop blaming the cops for everything all the time and start passing some of the blame over to the people who show no concern for the rules or the law.

The problem is that after Walsh wrote his hit-piece against the teenage girl, it was revealed that she is an orphan and she is in essence in foster care. Oops. Now there is nobody left to blame, except for the violent cop, but no worries. Walsh has a fallback plan.

This is a guy who openly and sanctimoniously advocates obeying state laws. The same gay-marriage laws and abortion laws which he opposes and disobeys are wrong…but obeying police officers’ every word should be something enforced through beatings and violence.

I believe it’s safe to assume that Matt Walsh would have been the first guy to line up to enforce and obey the laws which required Americans to turn in runaway slaves? Most likely. It is people like Walsh who have created and shaped a nation where the State is being worshiped, Government is respected and cops can do no wrong. Why? Because in Walsh’s warped mind God tells him to do so.


Virgil Vaduva is a Libertarian security professional, journalist, photographer and overall liberty freak. He spent most of his life in Communist Romania and participated in the 1989 street protests which led to the collapse of the Ceausescu regime. He can be reached at vvaduva at