New Video Emerges of the Moments After Mentally Ill Woman Was Shot by Police

Norma "Angie" Guzman

Norma “Angie” Guzman

New video footage emerged Saturday of the moments after Los Angeles Police Department officers shot and killed a mentally-ill woman Sept. 27 in South Los Angeles.

The cell phone video shows police surrounding Norma “Angie” Guzman, 37, just after the shooting.

Sergio, who asked not to show his face on camera, was nearby and didn’t see the confrontation between Guzman and the officers

“I heard four very loud shots,” Sergio said. “I turned around, and I see this lady spread all over the sidewalk; a very bloody scene.”

Police responded to a call reporting Guzman allegedly threatening a man with a knife, which she refused to drop, police said.

Protesters gathered Saturday to march from San Pedro Street — the scene of the crime — to LAPD’s Newton Division Office to demand major departmental changes.

“We feel that other methods could have been used to stop her rather than putting four bullets into her,” David Sanchez, a protester, said.

Guzman’s family said she was prone to outbursts, during which she would shout and behave irrationally.

“She might have had a few problems, but that’s no reason to shoot her down, dead,” Sanchez said.

Rufino Munoz, Guzman’s friend of 15 years, said she wasn’t a violent person.

Protesters said they believe the police overreacted, but Munoz said he understood their decision to shoot.

“They have a family to go to,” Munoz said. “They have children to see tonight.”

LAPD has not commented on the incident, and said the investigation was ongoing.