BREAKING: Huge Heist Left KY Police Department Without Cash, Drugs And Guns

Simpsonville Police Department

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Thousands of dollars in cash, drugs and guns were all stolen from the Simpsonville Police Department on Friday. Now neighbors are wondering about their own safety after the very people who protect the area are victimized themselves.

In a quiet little neighborhood in Simpsonville, the most noise comes from the laughter of children playing. Neighbors say they feel safe, but for some that security has been ripped away.

“Nothing ever happens like this here,” Betty Bohannon said. “It’s just a quiet little town.”

“It’s definitely something you don’t hear of too often,” Bruce Czako said. “Especially out in a community like this.”

That something they’re talking about is a break-in and robbery at the Simpsonville Police Department.

“It’s ironic, but it’s pretty bold for whoever did it,” Czako said.

“I didn’t believe it,” Bohannon said.

The police department was broken into early Friday around 1 a.m. Chief Chip Minnis says an unknown person or persons broke into the evidence lockers once inside the building. They stole approximately $30,000 in cash, an unknown quantity of drugs and handguns.

Neighbors say they moved into the area thinking it was a safe place to live, having a police department in their backyard.

“I felt safe,” sayd Bohannon, who now isn’t so sure. “They could have got us just as well as they did the police.”

Simpsonville Police are conducting a complete evidence audit, while Kentucky State Police are investigating the theft.

While one neighbor says drugs and crime are a problem in every community, another isn’t taking any chances.

“I came in from a small town in the country, and I’ve had my house broken into … So it happens,” Czako said.

“I’m gonna keep the doors locked,” Bohannon said.

But both are hoping for the same result.

“Hopefully they catch whoever did it,” Czako said.

Minnis said it was too early to tell if the missing evidence would hurt any pending cases.

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