Premium Activism App is Now FREE

Cell 411

“Your pretty empire took so long to build, now, with a snap of history’s fingers, down it goes.” – V for Vendetta

Empires and tyrants have fallen down over much less than technical challenges, and this is what the creators of Cell 411 are trying to do, challenge the status quo and take the power out of the hands of government employees and put it back in the hands of people.

This activist-oriented and emergency tracking app has now been released for free to anyone and everyone willing to take action and participate in events like Cop Blocking, recording police activities or just simply help out people in need without assistance from government employees.

Up until now the app cost 99 cents however the creators and developers of the app decided to make it free on a permanent basis in order to encourage adoption but also put police on notice about the fact that new disruptive technologies are now available to everyone who owns a smart phone and is willing to keep them accountable. Turns out that November 5th is a great day to make the app free! (Note: the iOS version of the app is still pending review in the Apple store and will be free immediately upon approval)

The app has a plethora of features and enabled users to notify friends, family and other contacts of emergencies in real time, with exact GPS coordinates and turn-by-turn directions to their location. Users can stream live video of encounters and also send other types of alerts to contacts.  Users can create neighborhood watch groups and use the app to police their own neighborhood, or family groups to alert each other of car troubles for example.

Better yet, the app has a “Dispatch Mode” which allows for the dispatching of alerts from other locations, which allows for a fully decentralized method of managing emergencies without using government resources. A “Patrol Mode” option also allows users in need of help to engage others in the same geographic area without previously knowing or meeting these individuals or establishing prior relationships.

It is important to note that the app has only been out for a little over 4 months and has received attention from international newspapers and activist organizations.

Cell 411 already has very good reviews in both Apple and Google app stores.

Visit to download it.