South Park’s Newest Episode to Take on Police Brutality and ‘Trigger-Happy’ Cops


South Park is continuing to up the ante on their take of PC culture this season, for their upcoming episode will imagine what things could be like when the cartoon town decides it doesn’t need a police force anymore.

Comedy Central released a clip and first details of Wednesday’s episode, saying that Officer Barbradywould be the next casualty of the town’s move to become a wonderland of political correctness. From the details of their press statement, it appears it will be a nod to the various stories from recent monthswhere cops have been accused of discriminatory practices and being quick to resort to force:

The ever more PC citizens of South Park decide that they no longer need a police force. As the first American town to get rid of their cops, they plan to celebrate their advanced sensibilities with a PC Carnival.

In a separate story line, Kenny will be living up to the episode’s name Naughty Ninjas, when his game of “Ninja Warriors” attracts the interest of a foreign terrorist group.

You can watch the clip in the video above, via Comedy Central.