San Francisco Cops Beat Man For Using Google Maps While Riding Bicycle

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A 22-year-old bicyclist said he was brutally beaten by San Francisco police after being pulled over for apparently cycling while using his cellphone to get directions to deliver food as part of his job.

The cyclist, Donovan Reid, says that on January 3rd he was delivering a burrito in SoMa when an officer pulled him over.

Reid briefly records the encounter using his cellphone camera, but the camera goes off shortly after the officer instructs Reid to put his hands behind his back.

The video cuts out and there isn’t any footage until two witnesses, including one of Reid’s friends, begins to roll their cameras.

In the videos, Reid can be seen on the ground and it appears that one officer hits him in the knee.

Reid says the officers punched him in the stomach and held his legs down. Donovan said he has hospital photos that prove he was injured by police.

The San Francisco Police Department has said their Internal Affairs Division is investigating the incident and the Office of Citizen Complaints has been informed.

Reid said he thinks the officers were aggressive and that “They should be terminated.”

He said there was “No need for that to happen. Not to me. Not to anybody.”

Donovan posted the following update on Facebook after the encounter, explaining what happened.

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