Ohio Cop Requests Charges Against Frustrated Facebook User For Comment

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In what can only be described as a blatant attempt to shut down speech critical of police abuse, a self-identified Ohio LEO from the village of Yellow Springs, Ohio has recently attempted to convince a prosecutor in Greene County to file charges against a Facebook user over a seemingly frustrated comment posted during an online debate.

The cop named Todd J Turner who resides at 661 North Enon Rd. in Yellow Springs, Ohio posted a retaliatory rant about a Facebook comment made by a user named Chuck Montgomery.  Montgomery shared a news article about another local cop who was placed on paid leave after posting a happy Facebook comment regarding the suicide of a local activist on the steps of the Ohio State House.

In his comment, Chuck Montgomery said, “If anyone in the area murders this cop, I will gladly throw a celebration in their honor and put money on their commissary books.”


As a result, Turner contacted the Greene County Prosecutor’s office claiming the comment is a threat against the life of a police officer and asking for charges to be filed against Montgomery. He also contacted Montgomery’s employer calling for his firing.

As a result of Turner’s efforts, local media outlets are now reporting that the Fairborn Police Department is investigating the comment as a threat against the racist cop who is actually on leave.

The original posts made by Turner are included below. While Turner condemns the racist comments made by Lee Cyr, he also calls for the prosecution of Montgomery, calling for his firing and even possible incarceration. Furthermore, the original comment left by Montgomery was edited and no longer exists.

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