Ohio Police Arrest Man For Creating Fake Facebook Page


PARMA, OH – Parma Police have arrested and charged Anthony Novak in connection to his involvement in the creation of a fake Parma Police Facebook page. Parma PD is the same police department that recently prosecuted a CopBlock activist for recording their activities in public.

Novak, 27 years-old, listing an address in the 8300 block of Pinegrove Avenue in Parma.

Novak has been charged with one count of Disrupting Public Services.

Anthony Novak, of Parma, Ohio

Anthony Novak, of Parma, Ohio

On March 2, 2016, Novak created a fake Facebook page that was nearly identical to the Parma Police Department’s official Facebook page. The fake account used the name “The City of Parma Police Department,” and was set up in a manner in which it was similar to the department’s official Facebook page.

After creating the fake Facebook account, Novak posted derogatory and inflammatory information that purported to be from the Parma Police Department. Parma police detectives worked with officials from Facebook in order to determine Novak’s involvement in creating the page.

The department’s official Facebook page is listed as Police Station, Government Organization under the name.

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