Philippines Election Plagued with Corruption

Philippines Election Plagued with Corruption

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By: Deric Lostutter

The Philippines election is at hand and corruption is taking over.

The Philippines has a long history of political corruption.

Gloria Arroyo, a former Philippines president, even openly admitted to rigging the voting machines to win, using a method called “dag-dag bawas“, and nothing was done about it.

After ousting Ferdinand Marcos, Corazon Aquinos of the Liberal Party was placed in office in the late 1980’s and eventually led a bloody legacy of killing 13 farmers and protesters in the Mendiola Massacre.

Mar Roxas of the Liberal Party is campaigning for presidency and using bribes, extortion, and censorship to do it.

“-They were distributing money behind the stage, away from the cameras (as one guy admitted, he got a t-shirt and 50 pesos, on top of the packed meal, 2 ballers, slippers, fan, and picture of Mar that were given to the attendees)”


Rodrigo Duterte is the representitive of PDP-Laban, or, Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan, which means basically Demecratic Filipino party, Strength of the Nation, and is the new hope of the Filipino people against the Liberal Party who has been in positions of power including the presidency since the 1980’s after the fall of dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.

Duterte has been a mayor of the city of Davo for almost 22 years and the crime rate under his mayorship has significantly dropped as he managed to weed out the corruption in the city.

In Camiguin city, they have banned any political posters that are not pro Mar Roxas’, and the local government cut power to a building that housed an opposing rally.

Citizens of the Philipines reached out to TruthVoice in a pleading to get international coverage about the oppression and censorship that is occuring in their country, impoverishing thousands.

One citizen, Angel, tells TruthVoice that Mar Roxas comissioned rented jeeps and trucks, to “round people up from the fringes of the city (Rogongon, Digkilaan, etc.)” forcing them to attend a pro Roxas rally or they would take down their name and threaten to take away their 4ps (government assistance).

Unbeknownst to most of the impoverished citizens, Roxas does not have the power to take away their government assistance.


Mar Roxas Mar Roxas

Angel went on to state that protesters received bribes, and clothing if they vote for Roxas.

Roxas’ party erroneously tweeted that 10,000 people, (who were extorted to attend), attended his rally at Illigan City Plaza, which can only hold a maximum of 1000 people, elbow to elbow.

Mar Roxas


Angel went on to state that “a lot of people went because they were (falsely) told Kathniel (a famous T.V. couple) would be there.

When asking Angel what she wanted to say to the rest of the world, she replied:

“All I wants is an honest to god chance at an honest election for once, and I, like a lot of the Filipino people believe this may be our only shot at real change.”

Another resident alien, who is actually still a United States citizen spoke to TruthVoice about the police corruption in the area.

-Right now in the Philippines, it is not uncommon for a police officer to stop you for nothing and tell you if you do not pay them they will find something to fine you for, for a lot more money. I have had this happen to me personally, and who do you turn to? The police? They are the ones doing it, lol. “

When asking the U.S. citizen what he would want to tell the world, he replied:

“Most people won’t care because “Oh, who cares it’s just some third world country” but it is more than that, it is a third world country trying to make themselves better, but being held down by the neck, by people who are profiting by it being beaten down.

I would ask that the world watches, and gets as angry about it as I am, then maybe something can be done when people are oppressed like this action can be taken.”

A shopkeeper in the same area confirmed that merchandise was ordered for her store, and the Philippines Customs agents seized her shipment, trying to extort her for 3 times what the shipment was worth to obtain it, or they would keep it. Luckily for the shopkeeper, she knew someone in Customs, and the package was cleared.

“-In the Philippines it is all about who you know.”