Leftists Accuse Reuters of Photoshopping Berkeley Girl Being Violent

Leftists Accuse Reuters of Photoshopping Berkeley Girl Being Violent

by Virgil Vaduva

A lot has been written about the Berkeley woman named Louise Rosealma, who was filmed and photographed being punched in the face by a pro Trump supporter in Berkeley on April 15, 2017.  In the account she gave to CBS Los Angeles, Louise said that she was shocked when she was “sucker punched” by an assailant, someone identified as a “white supremacist” by various media outlets:

“From the corner of my eye, I saw this fist coming at me and I didn’t have any time to understand or process what was going on, I just put my arms up to push him away as much as I could,” Rosealma said.  “I got right back up, I was punched twice more by two other people…People kept trying to throw me down to hit my head against the rocks that were in the planter,” she continued.

Of course, such an experience has to be terrifying for any individual, especially a young woman.

But while Rosealma is recounting the violence directed at her, she is conveniently leaving out the tale of violence she was initiating prior to this incident.  Since the video and photos of the incident became public, many people on both sides of the debate pointed out that Rosealma was using large glass bottles as weapons, to either throw in a crowd of people or hit people with.  Some claims were made that she was placing M-80 explosive firecrackers inside glass bottles and throwing them into the crowd.  Obviously, such a device could cause serious injury to anyone in the vicinity, including serious eye injury or blindness.

Rosealma also told CBS that she “knew that there was probably going to be violence. We were hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.”  But what she did not mention was her own reference to bringing home “100 nazi scalps” – what she later claimed to be a humorous reference to a film line, but what others claim to be a premeditated attempt to engage in violent action.

Photographs came to the surface showing Rosealma at least holding a large green bottle in her hand shortly before she was punched, but defenders of her actions quickly started to make claims that these images were photoshopped in order to create a false narrative and paint her in a negative light.

A journalist for The Fifth Column, named Brent Lengel made a Facebook post where he stated,

“I’m writing an article about the battle of berkley and specifically how this image has been photoshopped, adding a blue hat to her head and a Jamison bottle to her hand.”

Other leftists like the editor of fabiusmaxium.com initially claimed the images of Rosealma holding bottles was photoshopped but when confronted with overwhelming hard evidence changed his mind and admitted that “I believe this shows with reasonable certainty that Louise Rosealma had a bottle. This is weak circumstantial evidence that she intended to throw bottles.”  Even with the overwhelming amount of evidence presented, this guy still attempts a weak defense of Rosealma’s actions.

Editor of Fabius Maximus claims Reuters images were photoshopped

A shaky YouTube video also indicated that Rosealma was in fact using the bottle as a weapon, holding it in front of her and potentially using it as a club.  The video even shows that there was a second glass bottle in her backpack which fell out during the chaotic fighting.  Unfortunately, the short video is not steady and crisp, making it very difficult to assess the clear timeline of events, but clearly showing that glass bottles were held by Rosealma in her hand and in her backpack.

Fortunately, an official Reuters page clears any confusion about the source of the photos showing Rosealma holding a glass bottle.

Photographer Stephen Lam published this photograph on April 16, clearly showing what many have been saying for days, that Rosealma was in fact holding glass bottles during the protest.  And she wasn’t holding them to store water or whiskey, she was holding them by the neck, in order to throw them or use them as weapons.  The original image is watermarked and can be purchased from Reuters for publication.

This image is a screenshot showing the original Reuters photo and confirming it was not photoshoped

Reuters Screenshot

In essence, the Antifa left has been accusing Reuters of photoshopping images of Rosealma.  Perhaps some basic journalistic integrity and desire for truth would have quickly revealed that all images showing Rosealma initiating violence are real and unaltered.

However, when journalists clearly start writing articles with a premise that is already established beforehand, they will likely find ways to manipulate facts in order to shape their narrative to fit their pre-established premise.

This of course is not journalism.  It’s garbage.  And while it happens on both sides of the political spectrum, it seems that lately the left, and particularly the communists associated with the Antifa movement are no strangers to manufacturing incidents, initiating violence and simply just outright lying in a desperate attempt to throw a thin veil of legitimacy over their agenda.

The media outlets which were once created to oppose violence and speak the truth to the public are not involved the same lies told by the mainstream media they once complained about; the rich irony is overwhelming: to know the truth about this, I had to go to Reuters.