TruthVoice is a liberty-focused, independent news agency dedicated to breaking the most important stories and publishing hard-hitting investigative journalism. We do this by operating outside of the mainstream media standard, refusing to water stories down for impact, and responsibly reporting the news without the false pretense of attempting to appear “unbiased” — we know that there is no such thing as neutral.

Founded in March of 2015, TruthVoice articles are regularly featured on other independent news outlets and aggregators, along with our friends at Cop Block, The Fifth Column, and Counter Current News. We encourage our readers to visit other independent news agencies to get the clearest picture of what is happening in the world today, as no one source could possibly offer the same level of perspective. Rather than being a one-way source of information, we also humbly request feedback from our readers, encouraging you to fact check us, send in corrections, and engage in discussion on the comments sections of our articles, and on social media. We believe this is crucial to staying truly informed.