Woman Charged For Not Having Pet Documentation Despite Cops Killing Her Dog


“He just took a step back and he just shot at the dog,” Smarr said. “And then he started laughing afterward.

ATLANTA — A woman whose dog was shot and killed by police said she is still facing charges for not having proper pet owner’s documentation.

Claudette Terry told Atlanta’s Channel 2 News that she was moving to a residence on Pineglen Drive in May when police approached her friend who was sitting in her driveway.

“My son opened the door the dog ran out and kind of stood by me where the other officers were,” said Terry. “He didn’t bark, growl, or anything.”

Terry’s neighbor, Aijohli King, said she witnessed police shoot the dog from across the street. “He just shot the dog and stood there with no remorse, no regrets in front of her and her kids,” King said.

From the 2 News report:


Terry explained she was already speaking to two other officers when a third officer, Walter Dennard, walked up. In his incident report, Dennard said the family’s 5-month-old lab-pit mix ran and lunged at him.

Witness Brandon Smarr said that’s not true.

“He just took a step back and he just shot at the dog,” Smarr said. “And then he started laughing afterward.”

“The dog was shaking on the ground,” Terry said. “And he walked up to the dog and shot it a second time. He walked closer and shot it a second time.”

Terry said at first she wondered if anyone else was hit by the bullets.

“When the gun went off, my son went down in the yard crying. I looked thinking my son may have been shot,” she said.

The puppy named 8-Ball was friendly, according to friends, and well-loved, especially by Terry’s daughter.

Officer Dennard’s file showed several use of force complaints, including a suspension for Tasing a suspect in the neck. But Terry is the one facing charges for not having her dog on a leash or showing rabies paperwork.

A Clayton County police spokesperson said the Office of Professional Standards is conducting an internal investigation and they cannot comment in the meantime.