Legal Kidnapping Case Ends — Source Out’s Himself — Victimized by IVF Plot

By Deric Lostutter

DISCLAIMER: These key pieces of evidence were provided to TruthVoice in the event that the case unfolds in favor of Emily Hsuan Yeh. We knew all along that it was a possibility that there could be an ulterior motive, but until the conclusion of the case, gave Emily the benefit of the doubt and let the legal system run it’s course. This fail-safe, is to ensure the full story is told.

TruthVoice has been covering the ongoing case of a legal loophole in which a dual citizen mother, Emily Hsuan Yeh, was apparently avoiding a court ordered paternity test by escaping to her home country of Taiwan. Emily is one of the top ranking members of an international musician booking agency called El-Live and frequently travels to San Francisco, California, and the United States.

Our source met Emily in passing and the two hit it off in a heated relationship. What was kept from the general public, is that Emily suffered a stillbirth previous to her conception, with what she claimed was our source’s child. Shortly thereafter the conception, Emily, blaming her mother’s impact on her psyche, left our source via email, with child still in her womb.

This led our source to offer a $5000 reward for the location of his child, distraught as any good father would be, that he may never see his daughter again.

Infuriated, our source, who has previously granted us permission to name him as Marcus Collardin in the event that the case concludes not in his favor, is actually an established immigrant from Germany.

Dr. Marcus Collardin, has J.D. in Nuremburg, a Ph.D. in Berlin, LL.M from Berkeley, and is also a Harvard MBA. Certainly an established man, and a prime target for a plot like this.

Emily Hsuan Yeh told Marcus Collardin that she was pregnant just weeks after her stillbirth, surely a miracle. Collardin, ecstatic to be a father again, put his whole trust and faith in Emily, but shortly thereafter, Emily vanished, devastating Marcus.

Emails were exchanged, and a paternity lawsuit filed, in which Emily commonly referred to her child as Marcus Collardin’s baby.

Emily, coincidentally naming her now born child by the same name, successfully dodged court ordered paternity tests for months, until she was tracked down and forced to comply in a lengthy lawsuit.

TruthVoice’s involvement in investigating the lawsuit has lead her legal husband, referred to here as Paul B., to contact us via a submission form on our journalistic resource site, correcting some errors, and giving more depth to Emily’s psyche and history of abuse towards men.

Riveting testimony from her ex, combined with Marcus Collardin’s case, only solidified TruthVoice’s belief that something was afoot.

Emily, stressed out from the heavy burdens of Marcus’ lawsuits against her, claimed that their child was born via IVF, towards the end of the heated paternity battle.

This contradicted not only her emails to Marcus, which wrapped an accomplished man in a web of deceit and lies, but also the video that she sent to him on his birthday, an ultrasound montage where she edited and said “Happy Birthday” with footage of “Our Baby”, emailed to Marcus as a tactic to trap him in in her spiderweb of manipulation.

Some may view the conclusion of the case with Marcus not being the father as a loss for him, but Marcus, after being court ordered that he can no longer speak to media about the case or use her name to any media (especially us), could view it as a win.

He successfully avoided a deeply disturbed woman’s plot to use an innocent child to latch on to him, his accomplishments, and possibly his income, solely by defending himself, and his rights, using America’s legal system in only a way a PH.D could.

Emily, furious at the media coverage of her antics, only needs to reflect on her own emails to Marcus to see how she develops a need to trap someone in for comfort, then later discard them, only to try to trap them again. True manipulation that happens to millions of citizens every day.

In this email we see that Emily, prior to her email to Marcus regarding her new pregnancy, tries to regain control over Marcus while using the unborn child that she purposefully implanted in her, as a weapon of deceit.

Our hats off to you Marcus, on your great escape and new-found peace, wherever you are these days, and these resources will continue to exist everywhere, as a warning to her next victims.