Legal Kidnapping Article Source Comes Forward – Offers $5,000 Reward For Child Birth Evidence

By Deric Lostutter

Under an alias, Martin Collar, my source has come forward to offer a handsome reward for proof that his child was born in the United States of America. The Harvard MBA Grad and private investor from San Francisco, California, has come forward with a $5,000 reward for any person that can help prove that his child was born in the United States, and that his former partner, Emily Hsuan Yeh, did in fact, as suspected, ignore repeated court orders for compliance with demands for paternity tests to establish his rights as a father.

Martin and Emily’s heated court battle was previously showcased in TruthVoice, receiving national attention, and many theories as to how she circumvented the court’s orders, eventually leaving the United States and returning to her homeland of Taiwan.

Martin is certain that Emily had his child in the United States, due to forensic computer evidence provided by Opsec CyberSecurity Solutions LLC, and an eyewitness account of a security guard at Emily Yeh’s lawyer’s office. The I.P. address grab, pictured below, coincides with the timing of the witness statement, taken by San Francisco Police Department (also pictured below), thus, Emily Yeh must have been in the United States at the time of her child’s birth, and illegally removed the child from United States soil, to avoid court.

Emily clicked a link sent by a fake email address, to a remote server, which logged her I.P. address.

Barry Schneider, who represents Emily Yeh, has not yet responded to TruthVoice’s request for comment sent on July 24th, 2015.

Emily was seen in the law office, just before the child’s communicated expected birth date, “looking very pregnant”, according to the guard on duty. This would make it especially hard for Emily Hsuan Yeh to have the child in Taiwan, as she claimed, because most United State’s airlines tend to bar woman who are in their third trimester from flying due to increased risk of premature labor.

As soon as Martin was told by the security guard that he did, in fact, witness Emily Yeh in person around the time of the I.P. Address grab pictured above, it solidified his belief that Emily was in the Bay Area, and he contacted San Francisco Police Department, who took a witness statement, which he then submitted to the courts.

Photo of Emily, with contact information of security guard, and police department statement ticket

Emily is a very well traveled person, due to the nature of her work as Vice President of Operations with international music artist booking company, EL-Live Productions.

If you have any information that may be helpful to this case, Martin asks that you submit it to a third party website dedicated to this case via the contact form at: